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If you want to get feedback from previous course organisers – as is always wise – , just email me and I will happily pass on their contact details. Meanwhile, here’s a selection of comments from teachers, parents and pupils.

" have literally changed everything about the way I'm thinking of parenting and communicating with my 3 children"

"One staff member said it was the best CPD session he’d had since he’d been with the school and I know many more will be thinking the same."

"Wow! Just wow. Not used to spending a Saturday morning going through every single emotion possible, but that talk was amazing." 

"...over my 25 plus years in education I’m not sure I have experienced or spent such a informed, truthful or real hour."

" prompted some tutors to think about their students and identify those who might need some support – brilliant!"

"Dick Moore has breathed life into a dialogue between me and my son"


"...incredibly moving but also fascinating and insightful"

" incredible speaker - edutainment at its very best - I feel motivated, inspired and filled with a new energy to help my students, those around me and myself."


"I found it utterly gripping and was very inspired...The best inset session I've ever been to in any school.”


"I have never attended a session which has impacted so much on my practice and had such a positive effect on my whole classroom environment."

" personal and moving of course but also incredibly informative and accessible"

"...interesting, fascinating, shocking, motivating..."


"The best presentation I have seen at St Paul's in my 20 years of service."


"Amazing, inspirational and very very moving"

"Your talk helped in ways I don't know quite how to describe but you have truly helped somewhat of a lost soul."

"It was very personal and honest and really made me consider my role as a teacher in the emotional and mental wellbeing of my pupils"


"It was eye-opening, informative and moving, one of the best talks we have ever had at the school"

"I went into the talk thinking that my time could be better spent writing my A level English coursework. I was wrong. "


"your talk seriously inspired me to smile and laugh more in spite of this dire situation"


"I recently lost my mum and you showed me that you can begin to cope."


"Thanks to you, I've opened up, to both the school and my mum"


"...educational and thought provoking session delivered with sincerity , passion and a genuine care for young people."


"fascinating, illuminating and thought provoking in equal measure"


"last night was amazing-the best CPD that we’ve ever had at school."

"...his words were so powerful that I know they will have a long lasting impact on my parenting"


"I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time but it really had an impact on everyone I spoke to in my department! Simply amazing!"


"an absolutely fantastic CPD session"


"Dick speaks from the heart. He is one of us"


 “The best training I have had in 21 years of teaching”


 “Gripping and emotional – made the session have a lasting effect”


“I just wanted to say how incredible your sessions were…”


"...thank you for helping me find the courage to talk to someone..."


“By far the best external speaker I have heard in the 35 years I have been teaching"

“Your talk was utterly outstanding. I have already had a field of emails from staff ….you really have touched many.”  

" I am a local GP. Your presentation was excellent, and your explanation about mental health issues perfectly pitched to a lay audience. "

"Very powerful speaker, brought home the importance of mental health in adolescents"


"...refreshing and incredibly moving..."

"...informative, engaging and pitched at exactly the right level."


"We found you very funny and it was your great sense of humour which made

this very delicate topic easy to listen to"


 "The response to your talks has been absolutely overwhelmingly amazing"


“One of the best INSET sessions I have ever had”


“I found Dick’s talk very powerful and he is an engaging speaker”


“Sincere, genuine and honest”


“An unmissable INSET session for anyone dealing with adolescents”


"...great charisma and humour combined with powerful personal testimony"


" far the best school parents' talk I have been to"


"You gave an incredible talk at my school today. Your message is one that many of us will remember for a very long time."


"I have never encountered a better external session in all my adult years"


"I found Dick, and the subject, fascinating and thought provoking: inspiring"


"...inspiring and uplifting, your talk left a lasting impression on all of us"


"...heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measures and the message you carry should be heard by as many people as possible."


"All of my friends cannot stop talking about it (it was the theme of our lunch just now, for the second day running)." 


"Your talk was the single most important thing I have listened to this entire teacher training"


"So many of the things you said rang bells in my head."


"INSET by it's nature is meant to be endured, not entertaining and certainly not a place where tears are shed. However, you managed to do both, while educating us all"


"...the most awe inspiring, courageous and emotional experience I have ever had in school."


"...the most informative, thought provoking and emotional Inset that I can remember in over 25 years of teaching."


"the best enrichment session we have ever had"


"Dick’s involvement with the school has had a remarkable effect in galvanising the staff, students and parents"


"..know just how much that one hour of speaking has so positively affected my life"


"I have never had such a response from staff"


"...quite exceptional, and deeply affecting." 


"We found your talk moving, challenging but inspirational. I am a GP ..."


"...within seconds was drawn in and totally captivated.."


"very informative and inspirational"


"extremely useful, funny and emotional"


"provoking,emotional dynamic presentation on mind body & soul! You took my breath away in parts"


"...the extended applause at the end ...the like of which I have NEVER heard at a staff inset..."


"...your words will stick with me for the rest of my life. I felt at times overwhelmed with sadness and inspired and hopeful."

                           "...engaging and informative and powerful and moving and inspirational and very humorous all at the same time."

"I had to use a pair of my golf socks (clean from my handbag!) to wipe the tears! Loved what you said. Loved the message. You could feel the emotion in the room. It would have been easier not to come than to feel all that BUT it was so worth it."

"i wish this kind of discussion and honesty was more embedded in our education system and society in general."

"...what he had to say was  life-changing...truly inspirational."

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